About Us

Texola Energy, Corp. is a North American-based independent Oil and Gas company building a long term, junior energy company with a broad group of interests. The corporate vision is to develop into a leading North American independent oil and gas company through strategically expanding assets, increasing yearly revenues and consistently booking new reserves without risking the stability of operations or shareholder value.

As a junior exploration company, Texola Energy Corp. plans to focus its efforts in the following industry hot spots:

Exploration _ Development: The opportunities for independent exploration companies to participate in emerging domestic plays are nearly unprecedented. Texola Energy Corp. intends to actively seek out and qualify these opportunities through its strong industry contact base and take an early lead position in area plays or regions that its exploration team finds warranted.

Joint Ventures: Through its participation in a variety of oil and gas development projects, Texola management expects to be exposed to shared opportunities on specific projects. The company may also elicit the help of other industry peers, likely middle-market companies, to aid in the development of any large producing targets or possibly to share in production and/or lease participation.

Asset Acquisition: Clearly the fastest way to grow the reserve base of the company, and therefore asset value is by acquisition. There are many undervalued prospects that are available to willing developers based on a good industry reputation. Other prospects become available as companies open up new exploration areas in the aggressive search for petroleum now taking place. Texola Energy Corp. intends to use strategic acquisition as a primary method for its rapid growth.


  • Texola Energy is comprised of knowledgeable management from the energy, resource and financial industry sectors.

  • The company possesses proprietary capabilities with strong market acceptance from previous professional experience and a wide industry network base.

  • Texola Energy has the ability to grow at an above average rate by utilizing its contact base gained over years of working on projects by its key management members.

  • The Company has acquired initial assets with domestic oil production potential in the United States with other immediate targets suitable for acquisition.

  • All of the company’s business is focused in the energy sector, which continues strong as reflected in record annual growth.



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